Our commitment to Accessibility

The Resource Network is committed to accessibility in its broadest forms - human, economic, and physical.

Accessibility Awareness

Accessibility is a key contributor to the probable and most profitable use of a facility or service. Accessibility enables people of all abilities to realize their full potential.  Accessibility links people with places, goods with markets and communities to vital services. Accessibility - whether it is to markets, schools, hospitals or water - is a precondition for the satisfaction of almost any economic need. Accessibility is relevant at all levels, from local development to global trade. (Joint Resource Centre)

Access can be the catalyst for a better world for every person and organization in our interconnected world. We affirm and promote Ginny Thronbrugh's perspective that Access Begins in the Heart! In doing so we have a guiding vision that all may access.

We encourage collaborative action with all in doing so. Use the pull down above to learn more about Global Accessibility and our approach to Website Accessibility.

Access 360

To advance accessibility The Resource Network has conceived Access360 as a global resource concierge initiative providing access to organizations, products, services, events, disability assistance, and general information through the establishment of interconnected global networks.

The goal is to use technology and collaboration to improve and facilitate access for everyone by identifying and aligning organizations and initiatives to promote improved human, economic, and physical accessibility.

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