Commercial Sector
MERANT / Micro Focus Sales

Global Sales Transformation and Information Sharing Solution

Where They Were: The Challenge / Opportunity

The VP of Sales for this global technology company was faced with "information out of control" and the desire to focus the energies and results of a sales team distributed throughout the world.

Who Was Involved

We brought together sales, marketing, IT, finance, customer service, product management executives and teams, business intelligence providers, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and learning management (LMS) vendors.

I visual diagram to show how we brought together many teams

What We Did

Devised a solution that aggregated information from internal and external worlds; worked as a catalyst between disparate groups, brought together diverse functions into an integrated solution, trained teams around the world on new collaboration techniques.

Thinking Globally, Serving Locally - A flat map of the World showing locations of groups we managed to bring together.

What Were the Results

Improved sales effectiveness and results (e.g. converted two 35K leads into 800K wins), recognized for Microsoft Industry solution award, featured on Gartner Magic Quadrant, supported valuation with acquisition value to sale price of $500M, revealed disability which served as a great equalizer.

What is the Geographic Market Reach

Global / Multi-Country International Regions

Advanced Economies
Asia Pacific (APAC)
Balkan States
Baltic States
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
High Income Countries
North America
Northern America

Countries / Nation States

United Kingdom
United States of America

What ResNet Capabilities Were Integrated

Reviews of the work we did on this project

"Rick was my hero at MERANT where he personally developed what had to be the coolest sales automation tool on the planet."

Chris Reid
Chris Reid
Executive Vice President and Advisor, Advantace; former Vice President of Sales, MERANT/Micro Focus

"Rick Rodgers and The Resource Network take six degrees of separation and reduce it to two."

Pat Horner
Pat Horner
Chairman and CEO, The Horner Group; founding President, Perot Systems

"Rick Rodgers and The Resource Network serve as a bridge between technology and business."

Sanjeev Garg
Sanjeev Garg
Vice President, Information Technology, Gartner, Inc.,former CIO, MERANT/Micro Focus plc
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