Commercial Sector
MERANT / MicroFocus Busienss Intelligence

Business Intelligence Optimization, Dun & Bradstreet, Fortune, Harte-Hanks, Hoovers, OneSource

Where They Were: The Challenge / Opportunity

Multiple companies representing islands of information with no way of sharing or creating synergy.

Who Was Involved

We brought together premier business intelligence providers, global sales and marketing teams, CRM vendors and information technology providers.

The image shows the companies we worked with to intergrate their services into an internal information infrastructure for global enterprises. Companies from left to right - Dun and Bradstreet, Harte Hanks, Hoovers Inc, Fortune and One Source
We worked interdependently with each of these companies to integrate their services into an internal information infrastructure for global enterprises. With the assistance of some creative and helpful people we "cracked the codes". We conceived a solution that connected and featured information from disparate sources.

What We Did

Worked interdependently with premier business intelligence providers to integrate their services into an internal information infrastructure. Conceived a technology solution that aggregates, organizes and connects information from multiple sources. Created a mobile app for global accessibility.

What Were the Results

Users were able to access and leverage aggregated information. Introductions and cross-platform collaboration led to D&B acquisitions of Hoovers and OneSource

What is the Geographic Market Reach

Global / Multi-Country International Regions

Advanced Economies
Asia Pacific (APAC)
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Latin America
Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
Developing Countries
North America
Northern America
South America
Western Hemisphere

Countries / Nation States

United States of America
United Kingdom

What ResNet Capabilities Were Integrated

Reviews of the work we did on this project

"Rick was my hero at MERANT where he personally developed what had to be the coolest sales automation tool on the planet."

Chris Reid
Chris Reid
Executive Vice President and Advisor, Advantace; former Vice President of Sales, MERANT/Micro Focus

"Rick Rodgers and The Resource Network take six degrees of separation and reduce it to two."

Pat Horner
Pat Horner
Chairman and CEO, The Horner Group; founding President, Perot Systems

"Rick Rodgers and The Resource Network serve as a bridge between technology and business."

Sanjeev Garg
Sanjeev Garg
Vice President, Information Technology, Gartner, Inc.,former CIO, MERANT/Micro Focus plc
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