Sales, Business Development and Marketing Solutions

Resources to empower sales representatives, managers, executives, CEO's, and boards of directors to deliver world-class results.

Are your sales what you would like? Do you know what your pipeline really is? Did you know that little deal is with the subsidiary of that big company you've been trying to connect with? Did you know you have a sales rep working a big deal with a company owned by the person you had golf with yesterday? Are accounting, sales, marketing, IT and other things listed on the left clicking together? Is your internal world really connected with the external world?

We devise ways to forge meaningful relationship and results for sales organizations, CEO's, boards of directors, and customers - both internal and external. We bring the right pieces together to:

- Know, find and maintain customers. Realize bigger enterprise connections with current and potential customers

- Understand your products and the competition - where you and they fit and don't fit in ways that help sale people sell. Know and grow your references.

- View and leverage the pipeline by company, person, product, time frame, region of the world, and more. Influence the future before it happens.

- Energize territories and teams. Truly know the area - who, where and what it is and how they like to conduct business. See where you have done business, what you've done, who did it, and where you can do more. Quickly connect people who can make things happen.

- Experience the wow of real time sharing, listening, learning, responding, and delivering. It can be good for everyone.

We integrate internal and external resources and deliver solutions that span time zones and user proficiency, in easy-to-use ways, shielding the user from the complexities of truly sophisticated technologies. We have successfully incorporated technologies of Airtable, Box, Evernote, FileMaker, Hyperion, Intraspect, Microsoft, SAP, Productive Computing, Progress Software, Salesforce, Saratoga Systems, Siebel Systems, Webflow, Zoom and global information services of Dun & Bradstreet, Fortune, Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence, Hoover's Online, OneSource, Owler and more.

What we do and the way we do it spans industries, sectors, and global regions of the world and help an organization at any stage of development. Some of the best solutions start out small and grow. Our development of a sales solution for a leading software company resulted in a system nominated for a Microsoft Industry Solution award and selected as one of top sales solutions in the world.