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Our process and tools provides our clients with unparalleled technical, operations and management resources as projects demand.

"The success of the Hall of the States is much more than anyone ever anticipated and is due in large part to your efforts over the past five months. In your dealings with the building owners, the tenants and the architects you have transformed Governor Evans' concept into reality. The Hall of the States not only provides a vastly improved physical environment for the NGC staff but also promotes a cooperative working atmosphere among all associations representing the States."

Stephen B. Farber
Chief of Staff / Administrator, Montgomery County Council, former Executive Director, National Governors Association

The ResNet ProcessSM is a unique and proven approach to help organizations harness skills, knowledge, vision and energy of key stakeholders to achieve high impact results. The Resource Network helps individuals and companies tap collective wisdom, identify and mobilize resources, forge collaborative alliances, design and implement solutions via five uniquely interdependent steps of:
(1) Appreciative Conversation; (2) Resource & Audience Audit; (3) Conceptual Design; (4) Implementation; and (5) Assessment.

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A diagram showing the 5 steps in the ResNet Process.
A blue circular icon with speech bubbles to help visualise the story of conversation
Step 1

Appreciative Conversation

The Appreciate Conversation (AC) is the initial two-way dialogue with a client aimed at uncovering opportunities within their organization that may lead to positive action, change or innovation. From this “conversation,” we can make an informed and accurate evaluation as to what the organization’s needs are and how we can collaborate to achieve positive results and create a new direction for the future.

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Step 2

Resource & Audience Audit

After the Appreciative Conversation uncovers opportunities for positive change and improvement, we then conduct a Resource & Audience AuditSM. The Resource & Audience determines what types of resources (e.g., technical, creative, financial, management, etc.) are needed and available (internally or externally) to achieve the best solution. It also includes an examination of the key participants who can contribute to and/or affect the successful outcome of the project.

A blue circular icon with a white outline illustration of a light bulb to represent the ideas stage
Step 3

Conceptual Design

Once the AC and RAA stages are complete, a comprehensive Conceptual Design is created. The Conceptual Design plan clearly defines the project and includes an executive summary, objectives and goals, target audiences, specific strategies and executable tactics, implementation options, and assessments to measure the success of the project.

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Step 4


The implementation stage is when the Strategic Plan mobilizes to a live project and brings together all the resources needed to complete it.

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Step 5


Assessments during the implementation phase are critical to properly managing a project and making adjustments to ensure its complete success. A final assessment at the end of a project helps to gauge its overall success and determine how to sustain its results going forward.

Case Studies

Find out first hand how this process helped achieve World Class results for Government, Commerical and Third Sector companies.

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