ResNet Global 360

A unique cloud based tool to identify and nurture relationships and resources. It aggregates information from internal and external sources including social media, along with proprietary research.

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Product Overview

The ResNet Global 360 is an enhanced business research intelligence product offering of The Resource Network for use as a resource development tool to identify and nurture relationships and resources. It aggregates information from internal and external information sources and is organized into focal sections.

A Return To Top and link is included for a quick return to the top. For an explanation of sources and ResNet Color Coded Access Navigation click here) Th ResNet Global 360 includes aggregated links to selected information sources in colored coded categories of: Internal Resource Links (information an individual or organization publishes about themselves); Social Media (premier social media links for the individual or organization) External Resource Links (selected information by premier external sources) ; ResNet Salesforce CRM (permission based premium AM content); ResNet Contact and Account QuickView and SynergyView Organization Charts (permission based); ResNet Synergy Reports (permission based); ResNet SharePoint Collaboration < (permission based collaboration); ResNet Google Drive < (permission based) ResNet SynergyPoint Access 360 Collaboration @ (permission based collaboration); WorldInfoNow Subjects ^; WorldInfoNow Geo s^; ResNet Internet Synergy Searches (selected searches and quantitative results of premier search engines).

Links to other sections on this ResNet Global 360 @ Source information is aggregated for permission based access via ResNet Integration App @ . The ResNet Global 360 is available in a hard copy and automated briefing book formats. Contact Rick Rodgers at with questions or suggestions to improve this resource. 

Product features

Aggregated information

Easy to use navigation

Dynamic updating

Available via subscription

Web / cloud based


Business intelligence

Competitive intelligence

Contact intelligence

Market intelligence

Contact and Organizational Hierarchies


Aggregated intelligence for due diligence consideration of a company, industry, geographic market , Better understand companies, industries, geographic markets , Ensure Due diligence ,Highlighting features within an organization , Understand competitors , Establishing / knowing who's who Contact intelligence, Understand where Contacts and organizations fit within in  hierarchies and use for up selling and down selling , Simplifed access to premier business intelligence

For the user

For the provider

For the geographic community


Business Development, Venture Capital Firms, Portfolio management analysis, Due Diligence, International Trade and Development, Sales and Marketing

Integrated Resnet Capabilities

The capabilities and skills we bring to the product.

Access, Data Connectivity and Information Integration Services
Strategic Alliance and Relationship Management
Resource & Audience Audits, Analytics and Matchmaking


Below you'll find a selection of industries who benefit from using this product.

International Development
Business Services
Joint Ventures
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Market Research
Venture Capital
Visitors Centers

Geographic Markets

Listed below are countries in which our products reach.

Dominican Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Contact us for other countries.

Our work that influences this product

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What people say

Customers who have benefited from using our product.

George Bush

"Thank you for all that you did to ensure my visit to Portland was a complete success. Mrs. Bush and I enjoyed our stay and know your effort was a prime factor in making the event come off so well. I know it took a great deal of your personal time and for that we are most appreciative."

George Bush
Manoj Vaish

It is a privilege for BSE to host the SOI global campaign, where global financial leaders and SO athletes join in the opening bell of stock exchanges across the globe.

Manoj Vaish