ResNet Cloud Products

Our cloud products and initiatives come together to benefit people and organisations around the World.

The Resource Network has a dynamic collection of interrelated branded cloud initiatives to benefit people and organizations worldwide. Our suite of ResNet tools including the following branded cloud initiatives.

The Resource Network Logo

The Resource Network

Creating innovative, strategic, and best in class solutions for leaders and organizations. Leveraging internal and external resources to accelerate project development and execution. Connecting resources to deliver powerful results.

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WorldInfoNow is the world’s shared repository. Bringing together business, government and civil society providers and users of premier public and private data aggregated for simplified and ready to use access, integration, app development and delivery: Access for All.

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ResNet Global 360

A unique cloud based tool to identify and nurture relationships and resources. It aggregates information from internal and external sources including social media, along with proprietary research.

Resource Integration App

Resource Integration App

The Resource Integration App is a resource linking tool used to aggregate and simplify access to premier social media, business intelligence and search resources and make the results available in a simplified, elegant and visually appealing format accessible via multiple electronic and hard copy mediums

Access 360 Logo

Access 360

A global resource concierge initiative providing access to organizations, products, services, events, disability assistance, and general information through the establishment of interconnected global networks.

Share Resources Now Logo

Share Resources Now

A civil society platform bringing together members of all sectors with a particular interest in engaging with underserved populations -- giving voice and visibility to underdeveloped markets and human potential for a more promising world.

Synergy Point logo

Synergy Point

A flexi-dimensional, multi-variant technology solution for unifying, grouping and delivering information in a flexible way that integrates resources within, between and among enterprises for individual and collective benefit.

Resource & Audience Audit

Resource & Audience Audit

A fundamental initial step in the effective development and management of any organization or initiative: identify and assess pivotal resources and target audiences for successful results.

The Resource Development Institute logo

The Resource Development Institute

A public nonprofit collaborative creating and promoting organizational, individual, cultural, educational, community, economic and information resource development and bridge building initiatives.

From Independent to Interdependent Sectors

Business comprises the commercial sector. Government comprises the public sector. Civil society comprises the independent sector and NGOs.

Many view these sectors as separate entities, and often, these sectors seemingly operate in a vacuum. When they work together and align their goals and methods, the three sectors combine to create great things-- operating complementary as interdependent sectors.
That all may win

3 circles connecting to highlight how Business, Government and Civil Societies can come together. The word Relationship is written around this graphic in different languages around the World