Collaboration, Meeting and Event Management

Be a world-class catalyst for more and better collaborative team developments with successful results for all.

Collaboration is the act of working jointly to address issues and achieve common purposes by sharing information, resources, responsibilities, risks and rewards. It is a process of shared creation; two or more individuals or organizations interacting in ways to accomplish better results than either party might have been able to do on their own. Collaboration is a key tenet of knowledge management, which is a means of transferring know-how or tacit knowledge between individuals and enterprises. Collaboration can take place within an organization and between and among organizations. “Higher level achievement through collaboration may be the most difficult goal for an organization. Problems have grown so complex, and moved beyond single individuals, collaboration is a must.” (Department of Engineering, Santa Clara University) Development cooperation has been recognized as a Global Issue on the United Nations agenda. We look forward to being catalysts for more and better collaborative developments with successful results for all.