Strategic Alliance and Relationship Management

Conceive, forge and build innovative strategic alliances and relationships for win-win-win results for everyone.

We help organizations identify, build and maintain meaningful relationships and conceive ad forge creative strategic alliances founded on trust and mutual benefit.

Strategic alliances, partnerships and joint ventures involve the establishment of informal and formal relationships with other individuals or businesses to share resources, ideas or capital. The aim is to establish a competitive edge or advantage that does not exist when the businesses operate independently. Many strategic alliances and partnerships today are between businesses and suppliers towards guaranteeing continuity and quality of supply. The keys to these successful alliances are: the support of senior people, a high level of trust, openness of communication, the promotion publicly to staff of the benefits, and emerge from the alliance or partnership. Other alliances are formal agreements established through legal relationships, contacts and ownership. This relationship can include joint ownership by the partners of the other businesses.