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Special Olympics - Invest in a Life - Global Multi Location Simultaneous Event

Special Olympics - Invest in a Life - Global Multi Location Simultaneous Event

Where They Were: The Challenge / Opportunity

The leadership and influential stakeholders of this international organization had aspirations for expanded global presence and enhanced inclusion, visibility and opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities.

Who Was Involved

Collaborators included Special Olympics international and regional development executives and managers, premier global marketing and public relations firms, high profile investors and stock exchanges throughout the world.

A graphic showing the logos of the various investors from around the world..
High profile investors simultaneously gathered at stock exchanges around the world encouraging investors to invest in the life of a person who couldn't invest from themselves.

What We Did

Facilitated development, testing and implementation of "Invest in a Life", a global initiative including web hosting, site development, online donation processing, successful launch on stock exchanges simultaneously throughout the world.

What Were the Results

Increased awareness and expanded visibility, direct and indirect resources enhanced for intellectual disabilities, developed new approach for Return on Investment (ROI).

What is the Geographic Market Reach

Global / Multi-Country International Regions

Central America
Latin America
North America
Northern America
Southern Africa
Sub Saharan Africa

Countries / Nation States

South Africa
United Kingdom
United States of America

What ResNet Capabilities Were Integrated

Reviews of the work we did on this project

It is a privilege for BSE to host the SOI global campaign, where global financial leaders and SO athletes join in the opening bell of stock exchanges across the globe.

Manoj Vaish
Manoj Vaish
Managing Director and CEO, Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX), former Executive Director & CEO, Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE)

Stock exchange bells were rung simultaneously around the world to launch Invest In A Life, a web-based initiative where donations could be made to support the Special Olympics "Campaign for Growth." Global financial leaders and Special Olympics athletes joined together at the opening of Stock Exchanges in York City, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Johannesburg, South Africa; London, England; Mexico City, Mexico; Mumbai, India; Tokyo, Japan; and Warsaw, Poland.

Special Olympics
Special Olympics
Milestones in the history of Special Olympics

In a first of its kind, 11 top stock exchanges of the world will have a bell- ringing ceremony for launching a single product. On April 28, leading stock exchanges in New York, London, Tokyo, Mumbai (BSE), Dublin, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Ireland, Warsaw, Mexico City and Johannesburg will have a bell ringing ceremony for the project Invest-In-A-Life which will use the investments in the Special Olympics targeted for the mentally-challenged.

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