Resource & Audience Audits, Analytics and Matchmaking

Exponentially increase results: identify and assess pivotal resources and target audiences for successful results.

The Resource & Audience Auditâ„¢ is a fundamental initial step in the effective development and management of any organization or initiative, and a key part of The ResNet ProcessTM.

The Resource & Audience Audit is a disciplined process of information gathering, investigation and formulation based on thoughtful research. It identifies and assesses what resources - internal and external (technical, creative, financial, professional) exist and are needed for success and where to find them. Of paramount importance is a thorough examination of the target audience(s) and potential stakeholders. Additionally, since reading it reveals added dimensions for the organization or initiative, the Resource & Audience Audit serves as an important resource development and optimization tool.

The Audit functions as a digital encyclopedia and is a dynamic "living" document, updated with useful information throughout the lifecycle. The Audit process and work product ensures that key stakeholders have an understanding of the opportunity, the potential, what it will take and how it will be done.

To see an example of how a Resource & Audience Audit benefited a project, check out our Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Visitors Center ase study.