WorldInfoNow is the world’s shared repository. Bringing together business, government and civil society providers and users of premier public and private data aggregated for simplified and ready to use access, integration, app development and delivery: Access for All.

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Product Overview

WorldInfoNow is the world’s shared repository. Bringing together business, government and civil society providers and users of premier public and private data aggregated for simplified and ready to use access, integration, app development and delivery: Access for All. WorldInfoNow offers pre-searched access and innovative linking and enterprise integration solutions for both users and providers of information. Available as an integration solution or online access providing shared information that is targeted, useful and accessible for all.

Product features

WorldInfoNow offers pre-searched access and innovative linking for both users and providers of information.

WorldInforNow is a Cloud Based offering that is a unique combination of Information as a Service (IaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Subscription as a Service (SaaS)

State of the art technology and creative use of WIN ID relationships brings new power to users and providers of information. A structured information portal is the tool through which relationships are established between and among geographic areas, subjects and information providers.

Use of this tool is available to providers in a variety of techniques, from manual to dynamic feeds and pulls, to meet the needs and levels of technical sophistication of the provider.

WorldInfoNow functionality can be made accessible on user and provider intranets, and integrated with internal applications and information.

A key feature for WorldInfoNow and any sophisticated system or app is WIN IDS (WorldInfoNow IDs), a series of numbers that create a unique code that refers to a unique entity which could be geographic area, subject, company/organization, event,  individual or other entity.  An underlying multi-variant binding process and technology eliminates the need to rely on hierarchical structures, but instead on flexible, multi-dimensional linking.  Unique features include:   WIN Geo ID’s – a numbering system for geographic areas of the world (more inclusive than ISO codes); WIN Subject ID’s – a numbering system for subjects; WIN Provider ID’s – a numbering system for providers of world information; WIN Event ID’s – a numbering system for events and major timeline activities in the world.  In addition to holistic inclusion of all countries and international regions, this solution includes interconnected binding of the often overlooked 4,200 states and other country sub units that are lynchpins for local and international markets and over 36,000 unique subjects.  It has been developed to be the premier geographic and subject information platform. Even more unique than Dun & Bradstreet Universal Numbering System, WIN ID's can be interconnected using ResNet proprietary Flexi-dimensional technologies.


World Info Now provides broad value oriented benefits that meet individual and collective needs. They can include all of the following, and more:

For the user

• Targeted information to better meet user perspective and needs.
• Easy to use tool, intuitive functionality, and common data format.
• Quality information from premier information sources.

For the provider

• New global market visibility.
• Targeted market access and penetration
• Revenue enhancement for commercial providers.
• Mission implementation for not-for-profit and governmental providers.

For the geographic community

• Communication tool for communities self identification.
• Promotion tool for trade and economic development.


People - 6,000,000,000+
Academic and Educational Intuitions Businesses Cities / Local Government States and Country Sub units
Countries / Nation States
International Country level organisations Business

Integrated Resnet Capabilities

The capabilities and skills we bring to the product.

Access, Data Connectivity and Information Integration Services
Collaboration, Meeting and Event Management
Shared Resource Centers, Platforms and Ventures


Below you'll find a selection of industries who benefit from using this product.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Business Intelligence

Geographic Markets

Listed below are countries in which our products reach.

New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States of America

Contact us for other countries.

Our work that influences this product

Commercial Sector

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Visitors Center

We created a corporate and community visitors center where the public, local community, business partners, and others could learn about the GMCR story

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Commercial Sector

Progress Software Success Story - The Resource Network: Facilitating Interactions

The Resource Network is a featured customer success story case study for this worldwide leading application infrastructure software company.

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The Third Sector

Special Olympics - Invest in a Life - Global Multi Location Simultaneous Event

Facilitated a simultaneous event on stock exchanges around the world to increase awareness and visibility for disability inclusion.

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What people say

Customers who have benefited from using our product.

Bill Clinton and Lamar Alexander

"We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you for the significant contributions you have made during your tenure with the National Governors Association. Your commitment to the organization and the Hall of the States has been of significant benefit to the nation's Governors."

Bill Clinton and Lamar Alexander

"Rick Rodgers founded The Resource Network in 1989, after a successful career with several prominent national organizations, where he mastered the art of bridging perspectives to create cohesive high-performance teams. After experiencing a retinal detachment in the middle of a presentation, Rick became an official member of the disability community. While adjusting to the new reality of the loss of a significant portion of his eyesight, Rick developed new techniques that have not only helped him work effectively with diminished resources but also are beneficial to people without disabilities."



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