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The Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC is a network of nine independent, ecumenical Christian faith communities and over 40 ministries that have grown out of the original Church of the Saviour community founded in the mid-1940s The current ministries and faith communities are the result of an alternative approach to ?church? and church structures which is the hallmark of the Church of the Saviour. This approach and these structures were formed in an effort to improve Christian discipleship and ?recover... something of the vitality and life, vigor and power of the early Christian community." In that effort the church's approach emphasizes integrity of membership, the ministry of the laity, and communal intimacy and accountability.[4] This desire for intimacy and accountability among members of the church is what led the community to break into smaller congregations rather than try to grow larger as a single church. It has also led to the formation of small groups called ?mission groups?, made up of 2 to 15 members gathered around a shared sense of vocation or God's calling. These groups became the fundamental unit of community and accountability in the church, and the various groups, each following their own sense of call, gave rise to most of the ministries associated with the church. As a structure, the mission groups have been continued in one form or another in the church's offspring faith communities. Through the writings of longtime church member Elizabeth O'Connor (1928?1998) and others, Church of the Saviour has become influential among Christian religious groups throughout the country[8][9] and has informed such contemporary movements as the missional church movement, the Emergent Church movement, and the New Monasticism movement. (Wikipedia) The Church of the Saviour, is an ecumenical community envisioned by Gordon and Mary Cosby and incorporated in 1947 in Washington, D.C. From the beginning, church members sought to embody Christ in intentional and sacrificial ways, welcoming radical diversity and calling all to be ministers through the generous sacrifice of time, energy and resources. Interpreting the call to discipleship as the integration of two journeys in community?an inward journey to grow in love of God, self and others and an outward journey to help mend some part of creation?the church became the catalyst for numerous helping ministries primarily in Adams Morgan, a neighborhood two miles north of the White House. In 1994 The Church of the Saviour became a ?scattered community? of small faith communities which now include: Dayspring Church; Friends of Jesus Church; Eighth Day Faith Community; Festival Church; Jubilee Church; Lazarus Church; New Community Church; The Potter's House; and Seekers Church. The following ministries have grown from churches and missions of The Church of the Saviour. Each is independently incorporated and welcomes your contact. Academy of Hope (Reading, math, computer education for adults); Andrew?s House (guest house for out-of-town visitors to the church community); Bethany, Inc./Good Hope House (Transitional housing for women and children); Christ House (Residential medical care for homeless men and women); Columbia Road Health Services (Medical clinic) ; Cornelius Corps (Connecting urban and suburban churches); Cornerstone / Joseph's House (A community of caring where formerly homeless people with AIDS and chronic substance abuse can rest, heal and grow towards a positive future in the loving, accepting, patient environment of home. The Diaspora (Quarterly newspaper about the church community); Discipleship Year (internship in one of the ministries while living in community,; Emmanuel House (residence for Christ House interns,; Enterprising Staffing Services (job placement assistance,; The Family Place (drop-in center for families of young children,; The Festival Center and Servant Leadership School (discipleship training and events,; For Love of Children (supportive services for the most vulnerable children,; Harvest Time (supporting Christians of unusual wealth as they move into deeper freedom so that their personal resources become instruments of God?s love and justice. Wealthy Christians in the HT network are invited to invest their lives and resources in partnerships with over 25 grassroots ministries in political and economic ?war zones? in Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Washington, DC. HT?s primary mission, however, is to encourage wealthy Christians to freely and joyfully respond with their lives and money according to the leading of God?s Spirit - within or beyond HT?s own efforts to stand in economic solidarity with the poorest of the poor,; Joseph?s House (hospice for homeless persons with AIDS and other illnesses,; Jubilee Housing (affordable housing,; Jubilee Jobs (job placement services,; Jubilee Jump Start (child development from infancy,; Jubilee Youth Services (supporting the children and youth of Jubilee Housing,; Kairos House (housing for men leaving Christ House,; L?Arche (community with persons of varying developmental abilities,; Life Pathways (support for women in the work force,; Manna (home ownership, community development,; Ministry of Money (conversation at the intersection of faith and money,; Miriam?s House (residence for homeless women with AIDS and their children,; New Community After-School and Advocacy Program (education and enrichment for children,; Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Center (individual and group counseling,; The Potter?s House (coffeehouse and bookstore,; Samaritan Inns (addictions recovery and transitional housing,; Sarah?s Circle (senior center and apartments,; Sign of Jonah (acupuncture clinic,; Sitar Center for the Arts (arts enrichment for neighborhood children,; Sounds of Hope (concerts and open-mic events to benefit area non-profits,; Tell the Word (Gordon Cosby sermons on audio, recent sermons and ongoing subscriptions, various small publications; Wellspring (conference center and retreat ministry called to nurture, challenge and encourage followers of Jesus to be authentic church, exploring the balance between the inward and outward journeys lived in committed community,; World Peacemakers Every Church (a Peace Church; global peace concerns, The Church of the Saviour is transitioning to a focus on individual faith communities. The former headquarters, located at 2025 Massachussetts Ave., was sold in 2010 to Jeffrey Zients & Mary Mennell Zients to be a headquarters of their Urban Alliance Foundation. Affairs of the Church of the Saviour are administered an ecuminical compromised of representatives of the faith communities. (Sources: Church of the Saviour; Inward Outward; Washington Post; Wikipedia; ResNet contributors Julian Tamayo, Rick Rodgers)

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Church of the Saviour Active participant in the Church of the Saviour and related ecumenical ministries and services to and with homeless, unemployed, economically disadvantaged, chronically ill, elderly, vulnerable, and too often discarded fellow human beings. See also Festival Church, Good Shepherd Ministries, Jubilee Jobs, Lazarus House, Samaritan Inns, Servant Leadership School, and World Peacemakers.

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