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A state in the southern portion of the United States of America bordered by Alabama, Georgia, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Florida is a peninsula, which means its surrounded by water on three sides. Florida is a popular travel destination because of its location and its geographic access to water. The weather is generally tropical and beautiful, earning the state motto of "The Sunshine State." But Florida also has a history of severe weather as well, generally due to hurricanes and thunderstorms. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee, and Jacksonville is the state's largest city. Tallahassee is in the part of Florida called the panhandle. There are other big cities in Florida, like Tampa, Orlando and Miami. Orlando is home to many amusement and theme parks, like the four parks of the Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World, Busch Gardens and Universal Orlando. Millions of tourists visit Orlando each year. (Sources: Florida; Facebook; LinkedIn; ResNet contributor Alyssa Vedia)

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