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Gill & Piette is a professional consulting firm focused on bringing the benefits of technology to professional organizations in both the private and public sectors. For over three decades we have served firms both small and large to use technology to increase the effectiveness of their organizations. Over this time we have partnered with a variety of technology firms to bring the most innovative software products and services to the business solutions we create to solve our clients' unique business problems. In recent years we have used IBM/Lotus products because they allow us to create innovative and secure solutions to our clients' complex problems at reasonable cost. Our success can be measured by the large number of our clients who continue to engage us to expand existing applications or start new projects on their behalf. While most of our work entails the creation or expansion of custom applications, occasionally we find a commercial product that is so compelling that we make it part of our offering. Such is the case with the MindPlan product. Unlike most "new" software products that often end up being the old product with a new coat of paint, MindPlan is a truly new and exciting way to manage projects by collaboration. But don't just take our word for it. Get the MindPlan product for free and try it for yourself. (Gill & Piette) Operating in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area for more than 20 years, Gill & Piette provides business solutions to clients in multiple vertical markets. Some of the applications Gill & Piette has developed include time and financial management for law firms, human resources for healthcare organizations, and federal government compliance tools. (LinkedIn) For over 23 years Gill & Piette has provided software solutions to meet our clients' needs. Founded in 1978 by Richard (Dick) Gill and Rodney Piette began with a simple business philosophy, solve their clients' problems. Time and Financial Management (TFM) software, still used by several clients, was our first product. Gill & Piette is also an IBM Advanced Business Partner specializing in Lotus Notes development for the past 7 years. Gill & Piette has developed Lotus Notes solutions for the federal government, hospitals, technology, consulting professional services and wholesale distribution. For the past 6 years Gill & Piette has been a member of the Penumbra Group. Penumbra is a global professional association of IBM Business Partners specializing in Lotus development. Through our association with Penumbra we are kept abreast of the latest Lotus technology developments and can quickly tap into the expertise and depth of Penumbra's members. HRx is Gill & Piette's most recent product. HRx is a human resource system for licensed and accredited organizations. Originally designed for National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC, HRx has proven increases in organization productivity, immediate ROI, and helps meet human resource accreditation standards set by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and other organizations. (ZoomInfo) (Sources: Gill & Piette; D&B;; LinkedIn; ZoomInfo; ResNet contributor Rick Rodgers)

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