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Images and Voices of Hope, Inc.

Haines Falls

Company Description.

Images & Voices of Hope is a global transformational dialogue intended to connect and expand the community of journalists, artists and media professionals who understand the need for positive images to produce positive change in the world and who commit themselves to broaden their coverage to increase the probability of positive outcomes. Images and Voices of Hope is a rapidly expanding community of journalists, media professionals, and artists who are coming together in dialogues to advocate, recognize and celebrate a more balanced media.

ResNet experience.

Images and Voices of Hope Participant in dialogue initiatives of Images and Voices of Hope , an international conversation between and among representatives from fields including education, journalism, healthcare, government, community development, religion, the arts and advertising about the social impact of public images and stories. Work includes holding dialogues and taking action to support the creation, distribution and appreciation of stories that herald the possibility of a healthier society.

ResNet Case Study.

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