Interpersonal Frequency LLC (IF)

New York

Company Description.

Interpersonal Frequency (IF) is a communications and strategic technology advisory firm that brings innovative data mining and quantitative techniques to social media campaigns and technology development for both corporate and nonprofit clients. IF?s skill is helping clients to build vibrant communities and networks of advocates ? supported by empirical and theoretical research into human communication (social) networks. This is blended with years of experience in using media to authentically engage communities?which we understand as networks of people?within context-rich environments. The key: IF doesn?t think in terms of consumer segmentations; we understand people in context-specific networks. Interpersonal Frequency (IF)'s work encompasses communications strategy, particularly online, technology development, and advanced tools that help our clients understand the impact of messages in the market, like network message simulation, message extraction, message network modeling, and network science. Specialties: online communications, network science Founded in 2009 by Harish R. Rao, a data scientist and Webby Award winner, Interpersonal Frequency (I.F.) develops civic web platforms, custom online software, and tackles ?big data? problems for some of the largest most forward-thinking civic institutions in the U.S. Clients include the cities of San Diego, Baltimore, and Washington DC, as well as public library systems, public utilities, ports, and U.S. Senators. As a data-driven company, we rely on a combination of primary research, including our Voice of Citizen analytics, and our staff's deep experience in the field to provide solutions that perfectly fit the needs of our clients. (LinkedIn) Interpersonal Frequency (I.F.) builds and supports award-winning Drupal websites for civic institutions. We provide data-driven development and design consulting, open-source cloud hosting solutions and deeply insightful custom analytics tools. (Interpersonal Frequency) (Sources: Interpersonal Frequency; Bing serach; CrunchBase; Google search; LinkedIn; Yahoo search ResNet contributor Rick Rodgers

ResNet experience.

The Resource Network has compiled enhanced business intelligence for this communications and strategic technology advisory firm to better understand and reach customers and markets.

Our ResNet Global 360 serves as a unique tool to identify and nurture relationships and resources. It aggregates information from internal and external sources including social media. It features data from ResNet's Salesforce CRM and our custom contact and account organization charts, Synergy Reports, and subject and geographic market information from our WorldInfoNow repository.

ResNet Case Study.

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