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For 25 years, Jubilee Jobs has been a place of hope and support for disadvantaged job-seekers throughout metropolitan Washington. We provide compassionate, skilled job preparation and placement services to people who need it most, including ex-offenders, welfare recipients, immigrants, the homeless and the formerly addicted. Once people are working, we focus our efforts on job retention and "next steps" toward career growth. The mission of Jubilee Jobs is to prepare men and women to re-enter the workforce and connect with marketplace jobs. Our strategy breaks down the isolation of unemployment and replaces it with the productivity of a job and the support of a community. The Jubilee Jobs process encourages applicants every step of the way on their journey to employment, from initial meetings with Jubilee's dedicated Job Counselors, to job skills workshops and interviewing, to placement - and continues thereafter, with community and support from monthly Job Friends dinners. We joyfully celebrate the many success stories of Jubilee Jobs' alumni. Jubilee Jobs was founded in the recession of 1981 when residents of Jubilee Housing and members of the Church of the Saviour formed a small group called the "Committee of Compassion." The group helped meet basic needs of families in the apartments. One day a resident on the committee said, "We need jobs. If you help us find jobs, we can take care of the other stuff... (Source: CondeNast Portfolio)

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Jubilee Jobs, Inc. Serves as member of the Board of Directors for Jubilee Jobs, Inc. and a founding member of its Corporate Advisory Committee. Assist in conceptualization, development and implementation of initiatives for this national model for non-profit job placement organizations which has placed more than 6,000 inner-city residents in market place jobs. Chair of Employer Relations Task Force fostering expanded relationships with employers in the greater Washington, DC area. See also Church of the Saviour.

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