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MERANT plc, St. Albans, England, was originally founded as Micro Focus Group in 1976 in the U.K., MERANT is a software and services company focusing on enterprise change management, Web content management and its PVCS products. Historically, Micro Focus/MERANT built its reputation on COBOL programming tools. In 1998, the company acquired INTERSOLV, Inc., a development tools company, and launched its MERANT corporate identity with facilities in both England and Hillsboro, Oregon. The COBOL part of the team became a private, independent company in 2001, named, appropriately enough, Micro Focus. In 2004, MERANT was acquired by Serena Software, Inc., San Mateo, CA (www.serena.com), a specialist in application lifecycle management software. See Micro Focus, PVCS and INTERSOLV. Merant's products are used for tasks such as software configuration management and Web content management, as well as for monitoring and managing workflows and business processes. The company's customers come from industries such as life sciences, retail, and the public sector. (Source: PC Magazine; ResNet Contributor: Erica Watkins)

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INTERSOLV / MERANT / MicroFocus Developed innovative global information system initiatives for leading U.S. and United Kingdom based software development companies known and operated as MERANT, Micro Focus, and DataDirect, formerly known as INTERSOLV. Improved worldwide communication through creative integration of systems and development of state-of-the-art interactive sharing and reporting mechanisms bringing together sales, marketing, information technology, finance, and global information service providers. Nominated for Microsoft Industry Solution award and selected as one of top sales solutions in the world. See also our case study of Global Sales Solutions.

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